STEM Bucket Challenge

This year my team and I have decided to do rotations on Fridays. One teacher will do coding, another will do a science experiment according to our scope and sequence, and I will do a STEM challenge with the students. Each week they will visit with a different teacher.  The students are really enjoying the opportunity to learn from each of us. It also eases planning some because we are able to do the same lesson plan 3 weeks in a row. Here are the details of my first STEM Challenge with the students this year!

The students were challenged to create a free standing structure using straws, masking tape, string, and a small cup. The structure is supposed to hold the cup as a bucket. The challenge is for the structure to hold the most plastic tiles. I have seen this challenge done with pennies as well. I set a timer for 25 minutes and had the students work in groups of 3 or four. I did give them a hint about how a swing set holds a swing and then they got busy.

Here are some of the finished products:

Click here for a FREEBIE of the directions and reflection of this STEM Activity

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